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Critical-Casts Episode 1: Dyad



Please only share this link. This page contains important links and feedback questions. 

Warning, this podcast contains explicit language. 



DOWNLOAD HERE: Critical-Casts Episode 1: Dyad (62.4MB) [podomatic] 


Watch HERE on youtube

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My 4 part review of Dyad


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I would really appreciate any feedback you can give. The questions below are a great way to contribute. Answer as many as you like. You can leave a comment below, or you can pick one of my contacts here. If you post any feedback elsewhere, do try to let me know where I can find it. Thanks. 

  • Would you like me to produce more Critical-Casts Episodes?
  • Which would you enjoy more if I only had time to make one, blog articles or podcast episodes?
  • Would you be interested in podcast episodes of topics I've already covered on this blog?
  • Would you be interested in more interviews of game designers and gamers?
  • Would you like me to produce episodes that focus on particular genres and game series (e.g. Mario or Zelda)? 
  • Would you be interested in more hard hitting content like debates or critiques of games, reviews, and other ideas in the gaming industry?
  • How did you like the free flowing format of episode 1 Dyad?
  • How was the energy level of the conversation in episode 1 Dyad?
  • Was the background music during the speaking sections too loud?
  • Did you play Dyad before reading my review articles or listening to the podcast? What do you think of Dyad now?



Time playing Dyad: ~16 hours. 23/26 trophies. 

Time writing Dyad Review: ~24 hours. 12,238 words. 

Time creating the Dyad Podcast Interview: ~20 hours. 1h8m14s.

Total: 60 hours.