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An Examination of Skill pt.9

I went to a Smash Brawl tournament last weekend and entered teams. Instead of going 0-2 we actually placed 3rd overall. The tournament was small, but there was still quite a few challenging teams present. While playing friendly 1v1 matches, I overheard someone say that I play a very technical Pit. My initial reaction to this statement was "No way! Not with my simple defensive-adaptive playstyle." Thinking about it just a bit more, I realized that I do play a very technical pit. Over the last 2 years, I've acquired and incorporated many advanced techniques (ATs) into my game. The vast majority of ATs require an increased amount of timing and dexterity skills. The more ATs one uses, the more technically one plays. 

Now that we can break down the dexterity skills into 6 specific facets, we can look at exactly what it takes to play a technical Pit like mine. 


Take a look. 


I hope the video was enlightening. 


Coming up next, we're looking at Timing. 

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