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The WiiR Cam Trio

Pokemon O-SNAP. Beyond Good & Evil Wii. Metal Gear Solid Stories. When I said that each of these games are worth picking up the WiiR Cam for, I was completely serious. But don't just take my word for here. Naturally, you might want some details before being completely convinced. I completely understand. So here are a few details about the games.


Pokemon O-SNAP


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  • Use the WiiR Cam technology to take pictures in a fully 3D virtual environment in front of your TV set. Get closer to get a closer shot. Lean to the side to change the angle. Kneel down to put yourself at eye level with a Pikachu.
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  • Use the focus ring and other professional techniques to enhance the quality of your photos.
  • Work for different companies that need pictures taken for their articles and news stories.
  • Explore the vast Hoen region on foot by walking with a Wiimote in your pocket similar to the jogging game in Wii Fit.
  • Use the Wiimote and other Nintendo peripherals like the Wii Balance Board, to enhance the experience. Climb a cliff face or a tree using the Wiimote. Stake out for a group of Mankey to swing by by balancing on a tree branch or in the player's case, the Wii Balance Board.
  • The player only has Pokemon food and the cutting edge Pokedex camera hybrid at their disposal. Anything else that might be used to interact with the Pokemon or the environment must be procured on sight. Perhaps you can poke a sleeping Snorlax with a stick if you can find one lying around. You can even pick up a rock and throw them.
  • Unlike the previous Pokemon Snap, in this game the Pokemon won't be lining themselves up to have their picture taken as if they were part of some amusement part ride. The Pokemon will be organically distributed just as they would be if they existed in real life.
  • Each Pokemon is like a puzzle. To get the best shots, players will have to understand each Pokemon's nature, which includes their diet, nesting habits, habitat regions/locations, proclivities, and how they'll react to different stimuli.
  • To catch a group of Pikachu, you might want to venture out during a thunder storm. To snag a Grimer, visit the sewers of a city with rising plumbing/industrial waste issues. To track down a migrating Diglet pod, look into recent seismic activity.
  • The better you understand the Pokemon, the better you can find them and take pictures of them in their natural state.

These are just a few of the features that we at B.E.S have designed for the next gen Pokemon experience.




Beyond Good & Evil Wii


  • A retelling and reimagining of the adventures of Jade featuring an innovative and revolutionary method of storytelling centered around the most unique aspect of BG&E: photojournalism.
  • We're removing the heavy focus on combat. Though Jade won't be completely defenseless, there are far more interesting ways for her to battle than with a magical stick.
  • Telling stories through cut scenes is a crutch. The way we see it here at B.E.S the story and the gameplay should be one.
  • Jade and the player have to piece together their own understanding of the complex world and their role in it through their own journalistic investigations. In a world where people and their actions aren't ever completely good or entirely evil, the player must construct their own reasons to fight that exists somewhere beyond the two.
  • Are we allies just out of convenience, or what may be worse... ignorance? Are my enemies fighting for the same things I'm fighting for? These are questions that the player must ask. And they reference problems that can be investigated and sorted out all through the lense of their camera .
  • Use the WiiR Cam to take pictures like never before.
  • Gather images of people and create a database of evidence.
  • Communicate with the other characters in the game through the pictures you've taken. Present images of the characters doing the wrong things at the wrong times to persuade others to help your cause.
  • Explore. Make allies and enemies. Sneak around. Find the truth.
  • Will you end up fighting for what's right? Or is that whole question something that lies far beyond the realm of Good and Evil?

Metal Gear Solid Stories


  • Play as Snake and relive some of his most incredible moments.
  • Every action and interaction has be completely rethought, retooled, and reincorporated into the core gameplay experience.
  • Experience the visceral and tactile CQC fight system that takes full advance of the new technology brought to us by Wii Motion Plus.
  • Hold, reload, and aim Snake's guns like never before. Pay attention to the minute details of every gun like only a connoisseur of guns can.
  • Tend to wounds in real time using specific and contextual motion controls.
  • Listen to codex calls through the Wiimote or the DS in real time.
  • Take pictures using the new WiiR Cam in full 3D.

We hope that you'll pick up a WiiR Cam and all these great titles in Spring of 2009. But don't get too exicted just yet. It's time for some major IPs to show us why the Wii is the most next generation gaming system in terms of gameplay, freedom, and design.


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