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Critical-Casts Episode 4: Smash Bros.


(I recommend the youtube version above for videos/pictures)




DOWNLOAD HERE: Critical-Casts Episode 4: Smash Bros. (67.8 MB) [podomatic]  

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  • Chris Simpson, Doug Bennion, Travis Clark, Silas Elias (Sammy), Matt Fairchild, Cory (Josh). 
  • Apex 2013 fighters: Nick Riddle, BT Dieminion, Marlin Pie, Mew2King, Orion,  Mike Haze, Nairo, Mango, Hungrybox, Crystal (Mizuki), Luis Torres (Reflex), ESAM, DoH, Sky, Light, Denti, Axe, Aggronizing, Wobbles, Pierce (Pierce7d), Vinnie, G~P, Tom Casey (GTZ), Chu Dat, Sean Taylor, Poligrip
  • Thanks to many others who I couldn't find room for on this episode. 
  • Special Thanks to Noah Sasso for housing and a reason to travel to Apex (to demo BaraBariBall)  
  • Special Thanks to Apex2013 and all the hard working gamers who made it possible. 
  • Special Thanks to Sakruai for creating Super Smash Bros. 



  • How did you like Marcus as my co-host? I think he can really help lighten up the presentation with jokes, side comments, and a person to talk back and forth with. We've been working on trying to capture our everday conversational style in podcast form. 
  • LIKE my facebook page and youtube video if you liked the show. Retweet if you can. I need help spreading the show. 



  • There will be a B-Side recording session for Critical-Casts Ep.4 Smash Bros. If you want to talk specifics about game design, Smash Bros., metagames, stragey, balance, bring those topics to the discussion. Look to the calendar below for exact date, time, and virtual location. 
  • Critical-Casts will be recevining a format change. The show will change to something that I can produce more quickly and more consistently. 
  • There will also be an open online Google Hangout to discuss the format of Critical-Casts going forward. If you have any input on what you want from the show, you should send it my way or join us for that session. Look to the calendar below for more details. 



B-Side Recording Schedule

If the below time and date doesn't work for you, you have many options to contribute to the B-Side show.You can use Skype and leave me a recorded comment; my account is KrazyKirbyKid. You can leave me a comment down below or on my facebook page. Just indicate that you would like for the comment to be used in the B-Side episode. Or you can email me via the form here.



Total time 30-60 hours.