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Project M-etagame H2YL Ressurection 

This article is part of Project M-etagame. Find out more here
H2YL Ressurection Biweeklies is a tournment that featured a Project-M event. Some of the top Melee players participated. Overall, it's clear that the Project-M metagame is catching up in some ways to the progress that has been made in both Melee and Brawl. But it is also develping in unique ways. Though Project-M is still in developement, we can see that the Melee.F and Melee.G styles were used more thus moving away from Melee.E.
Note that the tournament victor used a very Brawl or Brawl+ designed character along with the Brawl.F and Brawl.G metagame strategies. We already know that the Brawl.G and Melee.G metagame levels are similar in that they specialize in calmer playstyles with deliberate actions, little flash while focusing on reads and mixups (pattern based and 2x blind). It's interesting to see a Chu's Kirby do so well with slower playstyle. It's also interesting for me especially because I, as the Krazy Kirby Kid, specialize in Kirby Melee strategies. 
  • 1. Chu (Kirby/ICs)
  • 2. Plank (Peach/Sheik)
  • 3. Azen (Marth/Falco)
  • 4. Redd (Falco/Fox)
  • 5. G-reg (DDD)
  • 5. Chillin (Fox/Marth)
  • 7. JCaesar (ROB/Link/Snake/Mario)
  • 7. Thunderhorse (Falco)
  • 9. BigWenz (Falco)
The following is a definition of the next metagame level for Project-M. A lot of the improvements is due to players being more familiar with the game. The numbers corespond to the numbered list from this post defining metagame level A for Project-M.
1. Playstyles reflect Melee.FMelee.G, and Brawl.G metagame levels. 
2. Better integrated dash dancing

3. Still some recovery SDs

 4. Better edge guarding/recovering all around

5. Better wave landing from under platforms

6. Some poor DI still
7. Much less vulnerable after KOs
8. Crouch Canceling still rare
9. More SHUFFL based tech chase
10. off guards

11. no wavedashing up from the ledge

12. no pivot grab attempts

13. No footstools

14. No B reversing 

15. Jab resets (Brawl style)

16. Moon walking

17.Harder reads attempting to land smashes (Brawl style)

18. Glide toss?

19. Parry Catch

20. Honor SD?


I updated the spread sheet of character specific techniques, which you can find here

I'm excited to see how the rest of the characters and other top players shape the metagame. Until the next big touranment... 

EDIT: Genesis 2 Project M tournament results. Most of the matches were not recorded unfortunately. So, we'll have to wait until the next big tournament. 


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