So I Missed Your B-Day Blog
Sunday, January 2, 2011 at 11:36PM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) in Announcements
So the anniversary of the blog was back in November. What can I say? I was busy with school and writing for the blog. The biggest article series from 2010 are The Measure of Mario, Playstyles and Design, An Examination of Skill, the Good Game series, and Mega Man 10: Becoming Mr. Perfect. It was a big year for research, gaming, writing, indie game making, and movie making. Even when I thought I was going to run out of ideas for the blog, I always found new things to write about. Currently, I'm very backed up with article ideas. I was supposed to have finished a series on examining the art (and descriptive language) of combat in video games by now. I haven't even started. Look forward to that. 
I've talked to different indie developers, and I intend on networking even more this year. Not every conversation has been successful. I learn from my experiences and intend on patching up the past when I can.
I'm looking for a job as I wrap up my final semester of college (English degree). If I could get paid for writing about games, wouldn't that just be perfect? I get the feeling that lots of people want video game related jobs regardless of how much work they've done. I've worked on my portfolio by making indie games and writing, but these activities seem to viciously compete for my time and attention. By the way, if you find a blog/site out there where someone has written as much quality work as I have, I'd like to know. Chances are, if they're writing full time job style like me they're getting paid for it. I'd like to know how they're getting by. 
I'd love to hear more from you and the kinds of content you want me to make or the kinds of games you think I should play. I'd love to converse and play games if at all possible. I'd love to stir up the pot and moderate interesting gaming discussions across the web. I want to do so much more. 
So here's a breakdown of all the hard work I've put into the Critical-Gaming Network. 
Critical-Glossary: 308 entries!
Critical-Gaming Blog: 415 entries and around 600,000 words!
Mixed-Media: 40 entries and around 30,000 words.
Videos Uploaded: 62
Video Views: 12,472
Favorites: 29
Channel Views: 1,272
Subscribers: 50
A friend of mine has strongly suggested that I work on putting together a book organizing and updating the content from this blog. I think this is a good idea. Perhaps if I wasn't so distracted from writing the blog, I could write that blog-book right now. Here's to 2011. 
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