An Examination of Skill pt.5
Friday, April 16, 2010 at 11:56PM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) in Announcements, Indie, Projects & Innovations, Skill

To test your knowledge skills B.E.S presents....


KNOWLEDGE is essentially a collection of Simon like games each designed to test a specific aspect of your knowledge skills.




Variation 1


Variation 2

All the games in this variation set require the player to manipulate data. Not only does this require more brain power, but there are more subtle difficulty issues at hand. The illusion-of-truth effect suggests that people are more likely to think of a option as true if they've heard it before regardless of its truthiness. So, the more times you input and therefore see/hear a manipulated sequence, the more you greatly increase your chances of thinking that the altered sequence is the original/correct version. It's a battle in your own mind and there's no way to get around it. The farther you get in these games, the stronger the illusion-of-truth effect becomes. Expect lower scores on these.
Variation 3
I found out something very interesting about my learning style by playing KNOWLEGE. Apparently, I memorize data best by chunking or coding it into a shapes. After doing so, I use sound to back it up. And then I use any other coding system after sound. My results reflect this. I did the best on variation 9. Interestingly, I suffer from a bit of hearing loss. So, often times my ears like to play tricks on me. Even though I can use sound to back up my chunking/coding abilities, it can also lead me to the wrong conclusions. 

Furthermore, I found that in the sound only mode I continued to chunk/code the sequence by shapes. To do this, I had to take some extra time to think about my fingers to see the shapes in my mind.
Variation 4


If you spend a bit of time here and there to get your highest scores on all of the games, the data can then be analyzed. Of course, the game doesn't produce scientifically verifiable facts about your brain or learning styles, but it does go a long way in pointing us in the right direction. With the results, you might learn something key about yourself. Also consider the possibility of boosting your scores significantly with just a few tips/tricks from the creators. If learning is like playing a video game, then certainly you can get better at it.

I encourage you to give KNOWLEDGE a try, and share it with everyone you know. Feel free to email me your .txt save files or a screenshot of your high scores page by hitting F9 on the records page. Check out my scores below.


These are my current scores. How do you stack up?

 I wonder if Knowledge is the best Simon type game on the net?

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