Megafied: Makoto's World
Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 8:59PM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) in Announcements, Indie, Mega Man

B.E.S has worked hard to bring you another indie game.

Introducing "Megafied: Makoto's World."

Download Here. 2.6MB (Windows Only)

Play In Browser Here.


We were inspired by the work others have done converting the Street Fighter Characters into Mega Man's 8-bit style. More inspiration came from this meme making Mega Man master. We figured it would be good practice to create an action/platforming game to develop our skills for our future projects. Being big Makoto fans, we picked her to be the first Megafied character. 

Finding the balance between Street Fighter and Mega Man gameplay wasn't easy. We wanted many of the same tactics and strategies from Street Fighter to carry over into the game without restricting the player's platforming capabilities or adding excessive complexities. So we simplified Makoto at her best (see video example here and here). Here's are a list of Makoto's Megafied abilities:



Now you can take out enemies with powerful combos, but closing in on ranged enemies will be tricky. This kind of dynamic is just like the dynamics of playing Makoto in Super Street Fighter IV. Avoid small energy bullets Mega Man style (by jumping). Strike everything else with Rendokan Karate!

The way the hitstun and the combo system are designed, Concrete Man features an emergent Street Fight like rock paper scissors system. The three attacks Concrete Man has (shoulder ram, concrete shot, and jump-slam) are randomly selected by its AI. These options are designed to fold into each other. In other words, if you JUMP expecting a shoulder ram, you might run into Concrete Man as he moves into position for a slam. If you attempt to keep up the pressure with aggressive combos expecting a ram or a slam, the concrete shot will probably hit you. In this way, fighting Concrete Man has a very Street Fighter knock down feel without featuring any knock downs. Press your advantage by throwing in meaty attacks to catch Concrete Man just as he comes out of invincibility! 



Enjoy the game. If you have any questions, comments, critiques, reviews, or requests send them my way. My email can be found on my about page. Otherwise, leave a comment on this post or use the chat box on the side.

Check out the VIDEO and DEVELOPER INTERVIEW here.

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