Blog Check #1
Sunday, April 12, 2009 at 9:29PM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) in Critique

I've gotten behind reading my usual gaming blogs. So, I spent yesterday reading the latest post(s) from the various bloggers on my blog roll. After reading, I wasn't sure if I should contact each blogger with my questions and comments or post something here at Critical-Gaming. After all, one of the original purposes of this blog was to look at how others were writing and talking about video games with a critical eye.

You probably guessed by now that I decided to post my impressions here. I'm not giving out any grades or scores on what I read. If anyone would like to continue the conversation about a particular post, blogger, or blog I welcome the effort.


Graffiti Gamer

The Ludologist


Ludus Novus

Daniel Primed

The Brainy Gamer

Insult Swordfighting


I intended on including comments on but their site when down when I was in the middle of reading through the 4 games criticism article. Again, if the bloggers above or anyone else wants to discuss video games or the design of anything, I'm all ears on skype. Just send me a message/email.

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