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A Simple Update and Kudos

Development on Drebin#4 has been delayed. This week I'll be focusing on writing a series of posts/essays on four untouched areas of game design. I promise, the series will be interesting and it will bend your thoughts like you've never experienced before.

In the meantime, scroll down and check out the rich conversation that spawned from the recent post on Asynchronous Time. If you were wondering why I didn't post on Friday or yesterday, it was because I was concentrating on this conversation. Though we branch off the main topic, insightful points were made. I can only hope that my future "debates" turn out this well. Kudos to Bryan and Darkmanzero for their detailed and quick responses.

If you would like to participate in a correspondence via email over a single game, game series, game design topic, gaming topic send me an email (or catch me on the Critical-chat) with the particulars and I'll do everything that I can to accommodate. And if you have nothing to discuss, perhaps someone you know does.


It's better to come together smiling.


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